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Biblia, Inc. offers an array of marine services from shipyard repair to barge rentals. We are dedicated to providing our clients with safe dry docking and specialty tug and barge repairs. 

List of some of our services:

Crane and Forklift Services

Diesel Mechanic Expertise


Dry Dock Services

Electrical Repairs and Electronic Repairs

Material & Logistic Assistance

On-site Steel Fabrication

Potable Water

Rigging, Rudder, Shaft, & Propeller Repairs

Sandblasting and Painting

Shore Power and More!

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In addition to commercial work, Biblia maintains our own fleet. We know the importance of following high quality marine standards. Our crew will treat your vessel as we do our own!


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Dry Dock Design for Biblia Marine Towing and Transportation


JMS Naval Architects is designing a 500-ton lift capacity floating dry dock for Biblia Marine Towing and Transportation of Savannah, GA. With their fleet of tugs and barges, Biblia has provided bed-leveling, agitation dredging, and dragging services for decades in the waters of Savannah, Delaware Bay, Charleston Harbor, Fernandina, and Jacksonville. Biblia will use the dry dock to service their own tugboats and offer similar repair and maintenance services to other vessel owners in the area from their Savannah River facilities.


The new dry dock, which will replace Biblia’s existing dry dock, is 120’ long, 60’ wide, has a 6’ deep pontoon, and 14’ tall wing walls. The dock will primarily be used for hauling tug boats with a maximum length of 120 feet and maximum draft of 10 feet. The dry dock design incorporates a shore power connection, onboard generator, individual pumps, and one end of the dry dock is raked to improve towing. JMS will provide a complete design package that meets the requirements of the ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Floating Dry Docks.


JMS is developing a complete engineering and design package, including all detail structural design, tankage, and outfitting design. Systems design will include the ballast system, seachest arrangement, equipment specification, and pump and discharge piping systems. JMS is also designing the power system including generator arrangement, fuel tank arrangement, and electrical and piping system one-lines.


In 2019, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced $19.6 million in grants in to support improvements at 28 small shipyards across the U.S. Of that total, $1.3 million will help fund upgrades and expansions at Biblia, including the design and construction of their new 500-ton floating dry dock.