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Savannah, Georgia 31402


William Van Puffelen

William has grown up in the industry, working on boats and around the water his entire life. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Marine Engineering, William obtained a 200 Ton Master of Towing license from the United States Coast Guard. He managed a small ship yard in Georgetown, South Carolina before moving his family of six home to Savannah, Georgia, so that he could perfect his boat handling skills living on the tugboats almost full time . For almost fifteen years, he made many trips between Brownsville, TX, and Bangor, Maine. During that time, he also traveled up the Mississippi River to Cairo, Illinois, up the Ohio River to Mount Vernon, Indiana, and up the Tennessee River to Knoxville, Tennessee. William has called upon every port between Key West, Florida, and New York, New York, as well as many north of there.

More recently, William has served as Operations Manager and Owner of the family business. With the support of a gifted team of employees, he maintains a fleet of four tow/push boats, manages the crews, and still operates a boat on a regular basis. The United States Coast Guard recognizes William as a “Designated Examiner”; this means the Coast Guard trusts his “professional competence, judgment, veracity, and behavior” within the industry. William has the experience and knowledge to manage all of your towing needs.